Day 6: A new definition for “winding road”…

I thought I had seen the most curvy routes yesterday, but I was far from thinking today would have me redefine what a curvy road is.

I kicked off my iron horse from Cooke City just out of Yellowstone, and headed for the world famous “Beartooth Pass”. On a map, it’s hard to figure out cause there are so many curves that you cannot imagine what it really is until you live it… at the top of the pass, you are at 10,900 feet, and you can feel the air getting thinner.

This pass is a succession of curves, with a straight line from time to time. The landscape is breathtaking, and it is so gigantic that it can get disorienting at times. After 50 miles of this, you don’t want it to end, you could just want to do it again and again!

Then some Interstate, like 250 miles of I90 at 80 mph (134 kmh!). I decided to continue to Mount Rushmore today, since I was not tired yet, and knew that some more curving fun was right ahead.

The Black Hills national park is where Mount Rushmore has been carved in the rocks. The road to get there, US16, is a nice road with a perfect pavement and nice landscape, but I had prepared a detour on road US16A, that seemed to be extremely curvy on Google Maps.

I was served. It was even better than Beartooth Pass. The landscape, though beautiful, is not like the pass, but the road is amazing! At some points, the road is just spiraling up to climb steep cliffs, and it goes bridge over bridge to lift you up above the last curve.

I ended up my day in Wall, SD, a small town with a small strip, and am sitting in a restaurant writing this.

Tomorrow and the day after will be highway all the way back home, so probably few things of interest, but just eating miles. My GPS puts me at 29 hours driving from home. So probably more like 35 with the stops. 17 hours per day for 2 days.

Better get some rest…

As featured picture, the winding curves of Beartooth Pass, near the summit.

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