The Green Bay curse

No, I didn’t make it home today. Last time I slept in Green Bay and attempted a 1 step trip to Quebec City, I failed because the day before was too long, and in part because the border was packed at Sault-Ste-Marie, and I got the hell of a traffic jam on the Trans-Canada Hwy 17 south of Sudbury.

Today, at almost the same spot of this traffic jam out of Sudbury, there was an accident, a major one, while I was filling up my bike’s tank a mile from there. After a quick Google Maps search, there seemed to be a fast detour around it, but it ended up being a private (and closed) gravel trail in the woods.

The two available options were to wait the many hours til the road reopens (yeah, really major), or to find another way around. Talking with some people around, another biker said there was a 2 hours detour available, and this sounded like a good deal. But I knew that this detour would cancel my return today in Quebec City, since I was already supposed to be there by 2:00AM tonight.

With the weather getting cold, and knowing I wouldn’t make it, I stopped in Pembroke, ON, so I could have a good lunch and a good night of sleep for the remaining 600kms tomorrow morning.

On a positive note though, at first I was thinking that anyway, I was coming back on Tuesday, so in fact, I am like half a day ahead schedule!

Safe and sound, I rest and get back home tomorrow!

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