Quebec’s hard reality

I made it back home one day after I was supposed to because of an accident just out of Sudbury that forced me to add a stop to my trip. So the day after, when I came back in the province of Quebec, the hard reality hit me: our crumbling bridges and roads are a thing, and the difference hits you in the face the moment you see the Quebec flag. On the Ontarian side, the roads are nice most of the time, and the overpasses seem very well maintained. On the Quebec side, the roads are rough, full of potholes and bumps, and sometimes the overpasses are so damaged you can see the concrete’s armature.

But the thing that is the most dangerous to motorcycles does not lie so much in pavement quality. It’s the drivers. They are crazy as hell! Having been across all of Canada and the US on a 10,500km trip, I can confirm that Quebec’s drivers are the worst. They do not move over for stopped vehicles other than the police, they change lanes recklessly without looking or using their flashers, don’t know how to use a cruise control, and don’t fucking care about motorcycles, cyclists or pedestrians.

In the US, car and truck drivers are (mostly) careful, and even helpful with motorcycles, will let you drive on the shoulder when there is a jam (many motorcycles can have their engine blown after being half an hour in a traffic jam at 40°C…), and will even move over to help us pass them. They give lots of room to cyclists, and whenever a pedestrian lands his foot on the pavement, cars stop in both direction to let him cross the street. I could say that the worst rednecks in America are in Quebec.

My conclusion is: Being a motorcycle driver in Quebec is a little bit like being an alpine skier in Saskatchewan. You cannot stay in your province to have real fun with your passion!

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