My motorcycle and gear

My bike is a 2014 Indian Chief Vintage sporting a 111 cubic inches Thunderstroke V-Twin power plant (approx 1820cc). It is an almost stock bike, apart from some aesthetic improvements (leather levers, chrome handles / floorboards / foot controls, custom mirrors, handlebar bag, leather highway bar panels).

I equipped it with a Garmin Zumo 660 GPS and an excellent anti-theft system (will not disclose brand or technical detail for obvious reasons of paranoia), and I am planning to make my own heated clothing so I can ride even with the sometimes unpleasantly cold Canadian temperature.

When riding around town, I love to remove the windshield and passenger seat. This is how I think the bike looks at its best. For long distances, of course the windshield is not an option in Canada, with all those giant mosquitoes, wasps and bumble bees strolling around. Oh and I wear a half helmet. I love to feel the wind in my face, and I love riding bare headed, so a small helmet is easy to put away in the saddlebags.